[sword-devel] KJV2006 progress report

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Mar 8 00:12:14 MST 2006

Hey guys,
	Excited about all the work that is going on.  I long for the day when I 
have more time to participate in the progress.  Just a few comment which 
I hope will be helpful...

>> 2) replace <p/> (not allowed under OSIS) with <pb/>

Yes, <p/> is meant to be a paragraph marker, as is <milestone 
type="x-p">.  I don't think <pb/> matches appropriately.

Chris and I disagree on this one a bit.  I disagree that every chapter 
in the KJV should be considered a new paragraph.  There are serious 
interpretation errors implied with chapter/verse markers, as I think we 
all agree.  Placing a <p> at the start of each chapter implies the 
translators of the text truly agree that the paragraph does begin at the 
chapter start.  He may be correct about the KJV printed Bible.  Maybe 
they do imply with whitespace that they think a paragraph marker begins 
at each chapter.  Maybe not.  Maybe their use of the pilcrow, ¶, 
paragraph symbol ma-thingy is their 'markup' for showing where they 
believe a new paragraph begins.  I just don't know, but I would be 
hesitant to imply SOMEONE thinks each chapter starts a new paragraph.  I 
believe this discussion first came up when looking at markup received 
from Lockman for the NASB.  In my conversion, there was NO WAY to 
logically deduce where paragraph marker began.  Sometime they were 
implied by start of chapter.  Sometimes they were very much NOT implied 
by start of chapter (e.g. Rev 13:1, which has a paragraph break midway 
through verse 1).  I wanted to stay true to the text, so I use paragraph 
milestones.  I would rather stay true to the author's intent for the 
Biblical Text than have well-formed compliant markup.  I could try to 
make educated decision, but it is not my place to usurp authority to 
make decision regarding their text-- especially when it might carry the 
weight of the Lockman translation committee if given to someone else. 
These are the equivalent of modern day scribal errors done with the same 
honest motives as ancient scribes.

Sorry for the long commentary on my markup ethics.

>> 8) deleted all <resp> elements as this has never been part of the OSIS 
>> standard. resp is a global attribute. I could merge it with the 
>> preceding <note type="x-strongsMarkup">....</note> However, I think 
>> these "notes" should be removed as well.

I agree whole-heartedly with Chris on this one.  Please preserve all 
data in the KJV2003 text.  We're still hoping to do a proof pass of the 
strongs markup, and the notes still need to be reviewed on many of these 
entries.  Anyone is welcome to strip them out if they don't need them 
for their purposes.

It is important not to remove any <w> data.  We can currently assert 
that for every word in the original base greek text (in the KJV2003 
directory on the server), there is exactly one greek word tag in the 
corresponding verse of the KJV text.  It may not be in the correct 
place, surrounding the correct words, but there is still guaranteed a 1 
to 1 relationship.

The source of our base Greek text (Maurice Robinson's stuff) has been 
updated with many corrections since we started the project, and we 
should be able to programmatically determine the delta between our 
version and the latest, and create a 'patch' for the KJV2003 text-- or 
at least a hit list of verses people need to review and adjust tags.

Again, thank you so much for all the work!  I'm really excited this text 
is moving forward.  There is so much valuable data captured and making 
it more usable, programmatically, should enhance a number of Bible 
projects who depend on a good free English text sync'd to the Greek.


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