[sword-devel] KJV OT encoding question

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 7 19:16:10 MST 2006

DavidTroidl at aol.com wrote:
> > At the end of many verses there is a <milestone type="x-p"/>. It only
> > occurs in the OT and in every OT book.
> Various versions of the Hebrew Bible use the Hebrew letter "pe" to 
> indicate a blank column in the original manuscript.  This would 
> indicate a "section break".
Thanks David,

I never knew that. I double checked my Hebrew scriptures from a Jewish 
publisher and sure enough they were there and matched the position 
indicated in the KJV module. However, it merely stood between the verses 
on the same line as the end of the verse. The verses were numbered in 
the margin in the middle of the verse so I couldn't tell if it was at 
the end of, between or at the start of a verse.

I then checked a printed copy of the KJV and the pilcrows were there one 
for one with the "pe" in the Hebrew. However, it starts the verse after 
the verse number. I double checked a photocopy of an original 1611 
version and its that way there also. So, unless there are any 
objections, I will move them from the end of the prior verse to the 
beginning of the next verse. I'll also add the marker attribute with the 
actual pilcrow, so it can be easily used and be obvious to anyone 
looking at the text (in a UTF-8 reader:)

In His Service,

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