[sword-devel] OSIS:What is the future? Who is using it now?

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 6 19:24:41 MST 2006

Kahunapule Michael Johnson wrote:
> Patrick Durusau just finished making some edits to the OSIS User's 
> Manual that substantially improved it OSIS. I think that will be 
> available for download within a week or so from the official OSIS web 
> site. If you are using OSIS, I recommend getting it and reading it 
> when it is available. It still has some problems, with examples not 
> matching the text very well, but it finally becomes what I would call 
> usable when properly used.

I have proof-read much of the document and provided my comments to 
Patrick. I have pointed out as many errors as I can find. As the 
document is 155 pages it takes time, but I am up to the appendices now.

My comments were from the perspective of a first time reader (well the 
pretense of one).

Please, any of you that have the time, read the manual and provide 
revisions and comments. As they are actively working on OSIS 2.5, now is 
a good time.

> I'm not as strongly opposed to OSIS as I was before the 
> about-to-be-published OSIS User's Manual revision. I still think that 
> it is unfortunate that Chris Little would like to make OSIS the only 
> supported format for The Sword Project, as this will most likely slow 
> development and cause problems.

There is a simple advantage to supporting OSIS as the only format going 
forward: Standardization.

It gives us the opportunity to develop a rich and full architecture 
rather than supporting a multitude of formats. We can focus on text 
quality and quality delivery in a feature rich environment.

Ultimately this means that we make the Word of God more accessible. 
Which is what I think we are all about.

Michael, thank you so much for your contributions to WEB and to the 
sapphire cipher.

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