[sword-devel] Another KJV markup question

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 6 13:49:22 MST 2006

Chris Little wrote:
> (I'm just going to answer those questions that I can actually offer 
> some advice on. Most of the KJV markup is Troy's work, so he'll have 
> to answer some questions himself.)
> DM Smith wrote:
>> The following construct if fairly frequent:
>> <w src="19" lemma="strong:G4155" morph="robinson:V-IAI-3S">and took 
>> <transChange type="added">him</transChange> by the throat</w>
>> The problem is that <w> does not allow for <transChange>.
>> Should this be changed to <seg type="x-transChange" 
>> subType="added">him</seg>?
>> (This is the form that is used within study notes.)
> If the markup is correct, this would be something to address to the 
> OSIS TC for correction in the next version of the standard. And I 
> could see where it could be an issue in some languages, even if it 
> doesn't turn out to be one in Greek.

I think it is correct and also valid. In many languages, gender is 
communicated by context, but in translating to English it may be 
rendered explicitly. In the KJV these instances are indicated by italics.

Earlier today I saw "give *him* drink" where "give drink" was one word 
in Greek and *him* was added for clarity.

So I suggest that for OSIS 2.5 that transChange be allowed to be a child 
of <w>.
> Not knowing any meaningful quantity of Greek, I find it a bit hard to 
> believe that they have a single word that means "to take by the 
> throat"--so it may be that the <w> element is capturing too much. If 
> the meaning is something more basic (without an incorporated object) 
> like "to choke", then you can probably do something like:
Unbelievable as it may be, the Strong's entry is:
4155 pnigo pnee'-go  strengthened from 4154; to wheeze, i.e. (causative, 
by implication) to throttle or strangle (drown):--choke, take by the 
throat. see GREEK for 4154

> <w src="19" lemma="strong:G4155" morph="robinson:V-IAI-3S">and 
> took</w> <transChange type="added">him</transChange> <w src="19" 
> lemma="strong:G4155" morph="robinson:V-IAI-3S">by the throat</w>

I don't think I like splitting the word into a before and an after. This 
might communicate to a casual user of the document that 4155 can be 
translated as either "took" or "by the throat".

> In such a case, the better markup probably would be what is already 
> encoded, since the added "him" is morphologically specified by the 
> verb identified by the <w> element.
> On the other hand, <seg>, as you propose, preserves the correct 
> information, permitting quick and easy update to a new version of 
> OSIS, if it is changed to accomodate the more proper encoding.

I like having explicit markup as it is easier to transform later.

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