[sword-devel] unlockKeyIsValid() impl for Bibletime

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Sat Mar 4 10:45:57 MST 2006


I just added an unlockKeyIsValid() function to CSwordModuleInfo. It does a 
real simple check: it only returns true if getRawEntryBuf() of the module 
returns a non-empty string which contains only printable characters. The 
logic is that with a wrong or missing unlock key the module will return 
either nothing or text with non-printing (control) characters. It works well 
on my system.

Joachim, how do we integrate this to kindof "disable" (don't try to retreive 
ANY text from them) modules without a valid unlock key, while still offering 
the possibility to unlock them?


P.S. If desirable, this can also be implemented in Sword directly.

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