[sword-devel] Sapphire, module cipher

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 21:24:29 MST 2006

It's not particularly more well-known than any type of open standard would
be.  For instance, the mythological hacker who's trying to use the module
for free will not know what the exact contents of the OSIS/GBF/ThML might
have been, so they would really be knowing more than that.  In this case
they have the data (scripture text) and not the mark-up.  For someone trying
to figure out encrypted communications they will usually know the structure
but not the data.  We're just in the flip position.

On 3/2/06, L.Allan-pbio <paraclete at bibleinverse.org> wrote:
> IANASE either.
> Something to consider (in addtion to something like a CRC or MD5 hash)
> ....
> perhaps the .conf file could have a known pattern for the first several
> characters and last several characters. For example, the KJV begins with:
> "In the" and finishes with "Amen."
> It something else shows up, something is amiss. Having the last expected
> letters also gives something of a "sanity check" on whether versification
> is
> ok.
> I suppose providing the known letters is "leaking" some encryption info,
> but
> it doesn't take much detective work to find out what the contents are. :-p
> BTW, it is something of an anomaly compared to most encryption situations
> ... the contents are completely known ... I suppose CrossWire's obligation
> to the publisher is to make it difficult to utilize without paying the
> license fee.
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