[sword-devel] Help wanted: Unlocking a module in MacSword

Joachim Ansorg nospam+sword-devel at joachim-ansorg.de
Wed Mar 1 10:19:33 MST 2006

Hi Will,
thank you for your eMail.

> Sorry for slow replies. I hope to have a version of MacSword out by
> the end of the week that supports entering cipher keys within
> MacSword. Which should make it obvious and easy to work. At the
> moment though the process will be much like you suggest. Except that
> in MacSword most users will keep each module in its own directory. So:
> 1 Open the folder "gerhof2002" inside your Modules folder
> 2 Inside that open the folder mods.d
> 3 Open the file "gerhof2002.conf" in any text editor
> 4 Change the line "CipherKey=" to read "CipherKey=#####" where #####
> is the cipher key you were provided with
> But hopefully this will be unnecessary and MacSword will prompt the
> user for a key on opening the module. Is there a custom config key
> that provides a url for purchase?

Not yet. What about UnlockURL=?
At the moment it's written in the about section. I can do a module update if 
we agree on a key name.

I guess we'd need to document this somewhere.

Thank you for your work on MacSword,
<>< Re: deemed

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