[sword-devel] New Stuff for Testing

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Jul 30 21:49:35 MST 2006

We've done some final updates to the engine to support the new modules 
coming out shortly.  Special thanks goes out to DM Smith for such effort 
and sacrifice to work on the 'dark side' and help the C++ engine!  He 
had ulterior motive to get an ESV and KJV out that would work well with 
JSword, but nonetheless still endured my scrutiny to the end!

These should all be close to the final release candidates.

BibleCS 1.5.8RCF1
Compiled against latest sword svn, which includes fixes for red letter 
and all quote rendering.
Updated to the latest version of the Tnt Unicode controls which still 
work with BCB5 (AK: this still doesn't seem to fix the last bug you 
reported about the freetext history combobox.  I'm not sure what this 
bug is.  It seems like a render or font issue, not encoding, since you 
can select an entry which doesn't draw correctly and it puts it in the 
edit box and draws it correctly there.)
Fixed a missing space entry when stripping new lines compact text 
display windows (like search results list).


New Modules

ESV (all new data from Crossway, newly converted by DM Smith), KJV 
(KJV2006 cleanups, final)


Thank you for any time you can commit to testing these for public 
release ('for reals' this time) :)

    In Christ,

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