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Art and Matt,
     I'm excited that we seem to have similar ideas of what this could
become.  To elaborate on what you've mentioned.

     I have hope that most major universities who frequently publish, or
have important Papyri (Duke, Oxford, etc.), will participate in
registering their documents.
     These documents move around for display and they would have the
option to update the current location of each document.

     Open contributors would have custom skills which would cut across
the domain of document owners and would include things like Matt has
mentioned like: transcribers, translators, commentators.  Then document
owners could officially endorse submission, or other higher ranked
contributors could rank them.

     The entire database snapshot would be available for free download as
a DVD image (or set, if necessary).   Uniformly marked up data would
allow all kinds of outside research.

     HURDLE: Document owners are mostly protective of their images and
make a fair amount of money from photographs, etc.
     Possible solution: All images licensed with restriction that, if
republished, they must be reproduced in entirety. Images could then
include a border on the image with ownership/attribution text which
would sufficiently make the image unattractive to publishers that they
would still wish to photograph originals.

There seems to be 2 levels of development:

     On a lower level, I see a number of small, specialized utility pages
for each of these tasks.

     On a higher level it seem we'll need very different faces to the
overall site will probably need to be developed based on the desired use
case and role:  Document Owner, Transcriber, Translator, Researching

     Yes, I've been hoping we can work together with other projects who
have a similar vision.  I was hoping we could show off some basic,
useful tools before contacting them.

     Thanks for dreaming together guys.  This is fun!


Art Bolstad wrote:
> I am enclosing a pdf of a proposed web interface.  It is simply some
> drawings and text of what I think this database should look like on
> the web.  If it is a step in the right direction, then we can work
> from there.
> Since it is a proposal, discussion of it would be nice.
> art bolstad
> Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> If you are an HTML designer, there is a huge need for YOU! :)
>> We're trying to mockup some idea pages and really have no user
>> interface skills.
>> The idea we're trying to develop is a Papyri/Inscription registry
>> database.
>> It's a place where ancient scans can be uploaded, transcribed at 2
>> levels, translated, and demographic data associated.
>> The sad start of a mockup is available at:
>> http://crosswire.org/~scribe/papyriedit/
>> The data we're trying to capture is represented by something like
>> (please ignore the markup specifics, but instead concentrate on the
>> idea):
>> $$$/Bodmer Collection/Biblical Papyri/P66
>> <seg type="x-key" subType="x-BiblicalContent">
>>    <reference osisRef="John.1.1-John.6.11">John 1:1-6:11</reference>;
>>    <reference osisRef="John.6.35-John.14.26">6:35-14:26</reference>,
>>    <reference osisRef="John.6.29-John.6.30">29-30</reference>;
>>    <reference osisRef="John.15.2-John.15.26">15:2-26</reference>;
>>    <reference osisRef="John.16.2-John.16.4">16:2-4</reference>,
>>    <reference osisRef="John.16.6-John.16.7">6-7</reference>;
>>    <reference osisRef="John.16.10-John.20.20">16:10-20:20</reference>,
>>    <reference osisRef="John.16.22-John.16.23">22-23</reference>;
>>    <reference osisRef="John.20.25-John.21.9">20:25-21:9</reference>,
>>    <reference osisRef="John.20.12">12</reference>,
>>    <reference osisRef="John.20.17">17</reference>
>> </seg>
>> <seg type="x-key" subType="x-DocumentName">P66</seg>
>> <seg type="x-key" subType="x-OriginDate">200</seg>
>> <seg type="x-key" subType="x-OriginPlace">unknown</seg>
>> <seg type="x-key" subType="x-DiscoveryDate"></seg>
>> <seg type="x-key" subType="x-DiscoveryPlace">Jabal Abu Mana, just
>> north of the Dishna plain and 12 kms east of Jabal al-Tarif.</seg>
>> <seg type="x-key" subType="x-DiscoveryPlaceLonLat">-127.645667
>> 42.224675</seg>
>> <seg type="x-key" subType="x-DiscoveredBy"></seg>
>> <seg type="x-key" subType="x-Owner">P. Chester Beatty</seg>
>> <seg type="x-key" subType="x-CurrentLocation">Cologny-Genéva,
>> Switzerland: Bibliotheca Bodmeriana; one leaf is in Cologne, Germany:
>> Institut für Altertumskunde der Universitat zu Köln</seg>
>> <seg type="x-scan"><figure
>> src="images/Collection/Section/Document.png"/></seg>
>> <seg type="x-transcription" subType="x-level1">
>>    <w id="c1" src="5 5 34 34">ÿÿ</w><w id="c2" src="40 5 34 34">ÿÿ</w>
>>    <w id="c3" src="75 5 34 34">ÿÿ</w><w id="c4" src="110 5 34 34">ÿÿ</w>
>>    <w id="c5" src="145 5 34 34">ÿÿ</w><w id="c6" src="180 5 34 34">ÿÿ</w>
>>    <w id="c7" src="215 5 34 34">ÿÿ</w><w id="c8" src="250 5 34 34">ÿÿ</w>
>>    <w id="c9" src="285 5 34 34">ÿÿ</w><w id="c10" src="320 5 34 34">ÿÿ</w>
>>    <w id="c11" src="355 5 34 34">ÿÿ</w><w id="c12" src="390 5 34
>> 34">ÿÿ</w>
>>    <w id="c13" src="425 5 34 34">ÿÿ</w><w id="c14" src="460 5 34
>> 34">ÿÿ</w>
>> </seg>
>> <seg type="x-transcription" subType="x-level2">
>>    <w id="w1" src="c1 c2">ÿÿÿÿ</w> <w id="w2" src="c3 c4 c5 c6">ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ</w>
>>    <w id="w3" src="c7 c8">ÿÿÿÿ</w> <w id="w4" src="c9">ÿÿ</w>
>>    <w id="w5" src="c10 c11 c12 c13 c14">ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ</w>
>> </seg>
>> <seg type="x-translation" subType="x-en">
>>    <w src="w1">In</w> <w src="w2">the beginning</w>
>>    <w src="w3">was</w> <w src="w4 w5">the Word</w>.
>> </seg>
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