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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Jul 26 21:07:09 MST 2006

If you are an HTML designer, there is a huge need for YOU! :)

We're trying to mockup some idea pages and really have no user interface 

The idea we're trying to develop is a Papyri/Inscription registry database.

It's a place where ancient scans can be uploaded, transcribed at 2 
levels, translated, and demographic data associated.

The sad start of a mockup is available at:


The data we're trying to capture is represented by something like 
(please ignore the markup specifics, but instead concentrate on the idea):

$$$/Bodmer Collection/Biblical Papyri/P66

<seg type="x-key" subType="x-BiblicalContent">
   <reference osisRef="John.1.1-John.6.11">John 1:1-6:11</reference>;
   <reference osisRef="John.6.35-John.14.26">6:35-14:26</reference>,
   <reference osisRef="John.6.29-John.6.30">29-30</reference>;
   <reference osisRef="John.15.2-John.15.26">15:2-26</reference>;
   <reference osisRef="John.16.2-John.16.4">16:2-4</reference>,
   <reference osisRef="John.16.6-John.16.7">6-7</reference>;
   <reference osisRef="John.16.10-John.20.20">16:10-20:20</reference>,
   <reference osisRef="John.16.22-John.16.23">22-23</reference>;
   <reference osisRef="John.20.25-John.21.9">20:25-21:9</reference>,
   <reference osisRef="John.20.12">12</reference>,
   <reference osisRef="John.20.17">17</reference>

<seg type="x-key" subType="x-DocumentName">P66</seg>
<seg type="x-key" subType="x-OriginDate">200</seg>
<seg type="x-key" subType="x-OriginPlace">unknown</seg>
<seg type="x-key" subType="x-DiscoveryDate"></seg>
<seg type="x-key" subType="x-DiscoveryPlace">Jabal Abu Mana, just north 
of the Dishna plain and 12 kms east of Jabal al-Tarif.</seg>
<seg type="x-key" subType="x-DiscoveryPlaceLonLat">-127.645667 
<seg type="x-key" subType="x-DiscoveredBy"></seg>
<seg type="x-key" subType="x-Owner">P. Chester Beatty</seg>
<seg type="x-key" subType="x-CurrentLocation">Cologny-Genéva, 
Switzerland: Bibliotheca Bodmeriana; one leaf is in Cologne, Germany: 
Institut für Altertumskunde der Universitat zu Köln</seg>

<seg type="x-scan"><figure 

<seg type="x-transcription" subType="x-level1">
   <w id="c1" src="5 5 34 34">ε</w><w id="c2" src="40 5 34 34">ν</w>
   <w id="c3" src="75 5 34 34">α</w><w id="c4" src="110 5 34 34">ρ</w>
   <w id="c5" src="145 5 34 34">χ</w><w id="c6" src="180 5 34 34">η</w>
   <w id="c7" src="215 5 34 34">η</w><w id="c8" src="250 5 34 34">ν</w>
   <w id="c9" src="285 5 34 34">ο</w><w id="c10" src="320 5 34 34">λ</w>
   <w id="c11" src="355 5 34 34">ο</w><w id="c12" src="390 5 34 34">γ</w>
   <w id="c13" src="425 5 34 34">ο</w><w id="c14" src="460 5 34 34">ς</w>

<seg type="x-transcription" subType="x-level2">
   <w id="w1" src="c1 c2">Ἐν</w> <w id="w2" src="c3 c4 c5 c6">ἀρχῇ</w>
   <w id="w3" src="c7 c8">ἦν</w> <w id="w4" src="c9">ὁ</w>
   <w id="w5" src="c10 c11 c12 c13 c14">λόγος</w>

<seg type="x-translation" subType="x-en">
   <w src="w1">In</w> <w src="w2">the beginning</w>
   <w src="w3">was</w> <w src="w4 w5">the Word</w>.

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