[sword-devel] Problem with '&' in NET bible

Moses Truong moses.truong at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 16:23:31 MST 2006

Sorry for the false alarm - i forgot to update the script for the script 
creating the notes. everything is fine now.

but just to clear things up - the NETNotes modules aren't marked up in 
osis, but is ThML, but I guess that too requires '&' to be marked as '&'


Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi there ...........
> DM Smith wrote:
>>     In the osis input to osis2mod, is the & represented properly as 
>> & ? It should be. If not, there is a problem in osis2mod. And I 
>> might be able to fix it.
> Thanks for coming in on this one.  I don't have the osis text here - 
> but I have the perl script that makes the module.  This has been 
> revised since the copy Moses last sent, but the revision as I 
> understand it does output '&' to the Osis file - the script has 
> exactly the same regex strings as as the one that makes the NET bible 
> module, and this works OK.
> Moses - can you confirm?  Also, could you let me have the latest perl 
> script, and one of the L&N references copied out of the osis file?
> God bless,
> Barry
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