[sword-devel] Tradução Brasileira: how to scan and OCR?

Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete DUTRA leandro at dutra.fastmail.fm
Fri Jul 14 17:30:24 MST 2006

Em Fri, 14 Jul 2006 09:10:10 -0300, Carlos Rogerio Tonussi escreveu:

> This Brazillian Translation is that of 1917, based on westcott-hort
> text?

	No, it was Nestlé and Letteris.

> Does anyone know if trinitarian bible society in Brazil has been
> contacted about its Almeida Corrigida Fiel?

  	Dunno.  It seems to me that not, but I might be wrong
(hopefully).  I personally disagree with the whole Majority Text
position, so I do not feel like working on such a text unless there
was no alternative.  As it is, I have three tasks at hand already:
following up in a work of educating SBB on the advantages of OSIS and
Sword, following up on educating IBB on the same plus freedom, and
scanning the TB.

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