[sword-devel] KJV2006 NT and RC5 problems ... raw rtf codes displayed

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Fri Jul 14 05:12:30 MST 2006

With sword.exe RC5, I'm seeing "raw rtf codes" when looking at the KJV2006 
NT module (either ztext or rawtext). OT chapters seem ok. KjvLite seems ok.

Am I doing something wrong?
(sorry if this has already been reported)

I got these modules (dated 2006-June-29) from:

Here is what shows up in the "text viewer" for Mark 1:

{\rtf1\ansi{\fonttbl{\f0\fdecor\fprq2 Times New 
Roman;}{\f1\froman\fcharset0\fprq2 Times New 
Roman;}{\f2\froman\fcharset0\fprq2 Times New 
Roman;}{\f3\froman\fcharset0\fprq2 Times New 
Roman;}{\f4\froman\fcharset0\fprq2 Times New 
Roman;}{\f7\froman\fcharset2\fprq2 Symbol;}{\f8\froman\fcharset2\fprq2 
\qc\nowidctlpar{\f1\cf7\fs25\b Chapter 
1\par\fs10\par}\pard\f0\nowidctlpar\cf7 {{\fs20\cf7 {\par\i1\b1 THE GOSPEL 
ACCORDING TO ST. MARK\par} }}{{\fs20\cf7 {\par\i1\b1 CHAPTER 
1.\par} }}{{\fs17\cf1\super 1}{\fs20\cf7 \cf2 {The beginning {\cf4 \sub 
(N-NSF)}} {of the gospel {\cf4 \sub (T-GSN robinson:N-GSN)}} {of Jesus {\cf4 
\sub (N-GSM)}} {Christ {\cf4 \sub (N-GSM)}}, {the Son {\cf4 \sub (N-GSM)}} 
{of God {\cf4 \sub (T-GSM robinson:N-GSM)}}; }}{{\fs17\cf1\super 
2}{\fs20\cf7 {As {\cf4 \sub (ADV)}} {it is written {\cf4 \sub (V-RPI-3S)}} 
{in {\cf4 \sub (PREP)}} {the prophets {\cf4 \sub (T-DPM robinson:N-DPM)}}, 
{Behold {\cf4 \sub (V-2AAM-2S)}}, {I {\cf4 \sub (P-1NS)}} {send {\cf4 

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