[sword-devel] Sword 1.5.8 for FreeBSD

Thomas Abthorpe thomas at goodking.ca
Thu Jul 13 10:34:49 MST 2006

Greetings Sword Developers.

My name is Thomas Abthorpe, and I recently assumed maintainship of the Sword 
port for the FreeBSD Group.

I completed the port upgrade to 1.5.8, and discovered it breaks on FreeBSD 
4-latest i386 platform with curl-7.15.3.  The error log can be viewed at 
I am not sure if that is an anomly with that version of curl, considering 
7.15.4 was just released, or if it is something else completely.

Angyway, I do not currently have access to a FreeBSD 4 machine (although, I 
could put one together in a couple of days time if I had to), and was 
wondering if anybody in this group, working with this configuration could 
lend me a hand?

Yours in Christ


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