[sword-devel] Creating a module of the Companion Bible

Greg Perry gregp at liveammo.com
Fri Jul 7 21:14:46 MST 2006


I hope this is the right list to ask this question.  I am currently
working with another developer on transcribing E.W. Bullinger's
Companion Bible into the OSIS XML format.  The Companion Bible is the
1611 KJV, and includes the Massorah as well as a verse by verse
commentary by Bullinger.  The Companion Bible also includes a lengthy
preface, as well as headnotes for each chapter; in addition, there is a
collection of appendices that contain graphics and various timelines.

Our first attempt at transcribing the Companion Bible into OSIS format
isn't working out too well - it doesn't appear that there is any type of
support for a preface or appendix with a Bible module, only a Genbook.
To avoid having the Companion Bible be ranked with Josephus or an
apocryphal work, I think it's important to make a Sword Bible module as
opposed to a Genbook.  So the question would be this:  with a regular
bible module, can you include a preface, headnotes for each chapter,
notes and commentary on each verse, and an appendix?

Thanks in advance,


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