[sword-devel] BibleCS 1.5.8rc5

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Jul 3 21:38:43 MST 2006

    I had a look at the code.  LastLDKey wasn't doing UTF8 conversion on 
the read back in, but it was converting on the way out.  I've fixed this.

    I also checked Lookup and Search history and it seems to be doing 
conversion correctly.  Not sure if we added that recently, but give it a 
try for me and let us know if you still have problems.

    Also added a quick check to not change the search type if you're 
using the same module.

    Thanks again to all who tested rc4.



Adrian Korten wrote:
> g'day,
> I assume that this request has not been done in .rc4. There is still a 
> problem with storing the last lexicon definition if the data is utf-8. 
> Could this be fixed or could a flag be added to not store the last 
> definition? For Thai, we have turned off the Saved Lookup and Saved 
> Search but Lexicon cannot be turned off. Eventually, the corrupted utf-8 
> data causes sword to crash.
> -----------------
> [History]
> LastComModule=Personal
> LastLDKey=O'?C,O'(c)y"?u"O'?C,O'(c)y"O'(c)a`O'?C,O'(c)y"O'(c)?O'?C,O'(c)y"?U"O'?C,O'(c)O"?a^O'?C,O'(c)y"?e^O'?C,O'(c)O"?a^O'?C,O'(c)y"O'(c)i"O'?C,O'(c)y"O'(c)u"O'?C,O'(c)O"?e^
> LastLDModule=tbsStudyDRaw
> LastParaMod01=
> LastParaMod02=
> LastParaMod03=
> LastTextModule=TBS71b
> LastVerse=II Kings 11:15
> LookupSaveCount=0
> SearchSaveCount=0
> ------------------
> Thanks for your help in this matter.
> ak
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