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Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Mon Jul 3 03:23:43 MST 2006

Hi Troy ...........

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> 	sword should be able to parse them all.  Our verse parser handles 
> pretty crazy stuff.  You can use tests/parsekey or utilities/vs2osisref
Thanks for that.  I'll take a look at them next week.  I'm off to 
Ireland for a few days tomorrow.  There are one or two references that 
none of understand, so I don't think we're going to try to parse them. I 
doubt anybody could code to pick those up.  I've attached part of a 
message I sent to Tim Coles a while back that shows one of them.  In any 
case, we're going ahead with the present release with the 
cross-references not tagged, and will make a new version after release 
as we're all keen to get the first release out of the door.

Part of message to Tim:
Tim Coles wrote:
> I have had some success in identifying the many and varied reference 
> formats. However there are always going to be some real odd ones. The 
> real problematic ones are contextual ones, for example:
> "see Isa 61:2, or the idiom in 2:4" in Gen1 note 22.
Thanks for all your hard work in this.  I suspect that the answer will 
be a compromise - but a list of dodgy references that need to be 
modified by hand might be a useful tool.  I imagine that the academics 
who produced the notes would not have thoughts towards making links from 
them.  Their brief was simply to translate and annotate, but a reference 
such as the example you give above is not even clear to the human reader 
(or is it just me?), and is obviously unuseable electronically without 
> Whilst picking out the references is easy but as far as a program is 
> concerned is that 2:4 in Isaiah or Genesis. 
That's what I mean - is it 2:4 in Isaiah or Genesis?  Anything as 
ambiguous as that ought to be corrected out in the next revision.  I'm 
not sure that the team will want to go as far as your suggestion of 
making the entire database in OSIS markup - I think Hampton would be the 
one to come into that discussion - but I do think the translation team 
needs to be a little bit tighter in referencing.  That one you've 
pointed out is a particularly sloppy example.  Thanks for that.  And 
thanks again for all your hard work.

God bless,

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