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Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Sat Jul 1 23:54:39 MST 2006

Hi Matt ..........

Matt Reimer wrote:
> I continue working on my PDA sword viewer with NET, and am really
> enjoying it. I'm finding small issues, which would be nice to fix
> before the release if possible. These come to mind:
> 1. Can transliterated text in the notes be marked up? This would be
> very helpful for display purposes.
I think this is specific to the pda version.  On the other frontends, 
the transliterated version appears in brackets immediately after the 
Hebrew or Greek language version, and it seems fairly obvious as to what 
it is.
> 2. I notice in BibleWorks that maps and Scripture references are
> displayed in another color. Is it possible to mark these up as well?
> Do the source documents have this kind of markup? Or is that something
> BibleWorks added?
All the information is there in the database just waiting to be accessed 
as we are able.  Unfortunately, the scripture references are in such 
diverse formats that we haven't yet been able to write a script that 
resolves all of them.  I don't know what BibleWorks has done, but I bet 
there are a lot of references that are unmarked!

If anyone wants to work on that, I have the perl scripts here and you 
can see the needs and the attempts that have been made so far (commented 
out).  If you have suggestions for marking up the map refs, that could 
easily be put in the perl scripts too.  I'll send them if you want.  The 
scripts work with the MySql database in which NET is stored, and the 
output from the scripts is OSIS.
> 3. In the notes I notice "L&N" frequently, instead of "L&N".
> It looks like the "&" is getting escaped twice.
Nobody's spotted this yet.  Can you give a couple of references please ....

God bless,

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