[sword-devel] official version of Borland C++ Builder

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Jul 1 20:45:56 MST 2006

	I'm still using BCB5.  BCB6 should still work fine, though the projects 
might be slightly out of date.  I don't believe Borland has a personal 
edition of BDS2006 on their site yet.  It's fairly new.  I have the 
utilities compiling with it, but haven't had time to get BibleCS working 
with it yet.  I think the Unicode GUI package we use wasn't compiling 
cleanly.  I probably need to grab an updated version.


Chris Little wrote:
> Which version of BCB are we officially using/supporting now? It was 
> BCB5. BCB6 never really took off with us. Now there are projects for 
> BDS2006 in SVN. Are we pretty certain we're migrating to BDS2006?
> And are the latest BibleCS RCs built with BDS2006?
> --Chris
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