[sword-devel] virtual modules

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 22 14:05:30 MST 2006

Jonathon Blake wrote:
> DM Smith wrote:
>> How about adding Strong's numbers virtually?
> One not so little issue:
> Word order.  Different languages uses words that mean the same thing,
> in a different sequence.   [ EG:  Subject  Object Verb, Subject Verb
> Object, Object, Subject Verb ]
Absolutely. The problem is also harder than this. We are assuming a 
particular versification, the KJV. And I am not referring to a verse, 
chapter or book being present in one version and not in another, I'm 
referring to the problem where a verses don't start and end the same.
> The same word in a language can be used for two or more Strong's Numbers.
> The same Strong's Number can be translated two or more different ways.

Yes, this too. But that's what is really interesting.
> I do like the suggestion.  I just don't see how to solve that issue.
Don't try at all. Just use the info to the degree that it is useful. It 
would be an aid not an authority.

The basic inspiration of this goes back to the late 70s when I sat with 
hardcopies of NASB and a Strong's Concordance. The problem was that the 
Strong's was a concordance to the KJV. At that time, I had never heard 
of a Strong's Number. But I was able to make use of it because I was 
able to correlate KJV and NASB.

In seminary, I had a better tools, and did Greek word studies on a 
regular basis. At that time I learned that "Context is Everything" as it 
was emblazoned on our Greek professor's T-shirt and also, "Grammar is 
descriptive, not proscriptive." Being able to search the Greek was 
invaluable. It provided a much better context for understanding God's 
word than a single translation.

So the basic idea is to give people access to a representation of the 
original text so that a richer word study can be done.

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