[sword-devel] virtual modules

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 21 15:57:02 MST 2006

Another idea for a virtual module.

How about adding Strong's numbers virtually?

One of the things that has been suggested is to be able to look up 
verses by a Strong's number.

If we knew of a module that had Strong's numbers, we could use that to 
do a search, but present results from the other.

Given a Bible with Strongs, one can create an alternate word list. This 
could be used to find other verses with similarities.

For example, in a Bible with out Strongs locate a verse. Use the numbers 
from that verse from a Bible that has strongs numbers to find all the 
alternate words, use the alternate word list to do a ranked search, 
probably in the Bible with Strongs, and return the verses from the 
user's bible.

How about a virtual module that interleaves a Bible without Strongs with 
an interlinear view of a Bible with it to aid in marking up the first.

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