[sword-devel] .Net/C# and Sword

Jason Turner lefticus at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 11:46:05 MST 2006

I just hit upon something I find quite fascinating, and settles the
issue for me. The mono project is officially supporting Windows.Forms.


"Currently, we have a driver for Win32, for X11, and a driver for
native Mac OS X support (no X11 required). The drivers translate the
native window messages into WndProc compatible messages, to provide as
much compatibility with native .Net as possible."

In my mind, that is far easier crossplatform compatibility than I
would have ever gotten with wxWidgets.

Sorry to have gotten so far off of topic for the sword mailing list.
If anyone wants to continue this conversation, feel free to move it to
my website.

God Bless,

On 1/20/06, Daniel Glassey <dglassey at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 20/01/06, Jason Turner <lefticus at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I will positively make sure of two things:
> >
> > 1) No win32 specific calls
> > 2) Logic and UI separate
> :)
> > However, I am going to use WIndows.Forms and the "WebBrowser"
> > interface. I know from having had Biblestudy source publicly available
> > for almost 3 years now that it is very difficult to get people
> > interested in contributing when there is a high barrier to entry or a
> > steep learning curve. I'm sure that the BibleCS guys appreciate this
> > as well. To be honest, the main reason I started on Biblestudy instead
> > of working on BibleCS was because I had no experience with Borland's
> > tools, didn't want to pay for Borland's tools (I believe this was
> > right before the free versions were released) and didn't have any
> > interest in learning Borland's tools.
> >
> > There are probably literally MILLIONS more people that already know
> > the Windows.Forms API's than know GTK#.
> Yep, I understand that. The important thing is to make it easy for
> people to contribute. If we can get a system that easily converts
> SWF<->Gtk# etc then we get the best of both worlds.
> > That being said, I don't like Microsoft, thier operating system or
> > thier business practices (I have read every book on them that I have
> > gotten my hands on). Which is why points 1 & 2 at the top are
> > important. It should be easy for someone to come along and make a GTK#
> > interface, if they want to. Also tho, (the timing of this is
> > impeccable) on January 13th, the mono project released 1.1.13 with
> > "Vastly upgraded Windows.Forms implementation" I will do my best to
> > make sure that whatever I implement stays compatible with thier
> > Windows.Forms implementation.
> Thanks,
> Daniel
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