[sword-devel] imp2ld - short help needed

André Braselmann sword at braisel.com
Thu Jan 19 07:30:03 MST 2006

Hi there,

i _just want to import some daily devotional (BibleReading) into a module.
so with an ascii flatfile in that format:


it should go, right? Or do i have to use explicitely tHML?

After that i import with "imp2ld rawfile.txt modulname. So it creates
the .dat and .idx files. BUT: when i try to use it with a .conf file
BibleDesktop 1.0 shows the correct modulename, but when i click it, it
spits out "Error 0" or "Error 1" and the debugscreen fills up.
I'm useing FreeBSD 5.4 with SWORD 1.5.7 and Java 1.4.2

So after 1 day forth and back, incl. examining other commentaries:

Does SWORD need an entry for every day? Are empty Lines allowed?
imp2ld is not really chatty, and google daes nearly say nothing.
Does someone have an example? imp2ld also creates DOS CRs.


K.André Braselmann

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