[sword-devel] .Net/C# and Sword

Jason Turner lefticus at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 13:58:14 MST 2006

This is from the Express Editions website.

Just of note, the command line tools for .net have always been free.
Anyone interested in using the .net Sword dll is free to use the
command line tools, a free UI like sharp develop
or Mono (actually it should be very easy to get this library to work
with mono and even in Linux)


10. 	How much will these products cost?

We are announcing a pricing promotion for Visual Studio Express – for
the first year after the products launch on November 7th, 2005,
customers will be able to visit MSDN to download their copy of Visual
Studio Express for free!**

Our customers are very excited about the release of these products, so
this limited-time download is our gift to the hobbyist, student, and
novice community – we're excited to see the amazing applications
they'll build!

Note that SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is also a free download. The
free pricing for SQL Server Express is not limited to the same
one-year promotional period as Visual Studio Express.

[**We plan to launch the non-English versions of the Express products
sometime within 2-3 months after the English version launches on
November 7th. The same pricing promotion will apply to these products,
and will remain in effect for one full year after their respective

11. 	You said "free for one year" — what does that mean, exactly? Will
you be charging for this later?

We originally announced pricing of Visual Studio Express at US$49. We
are now offering Visual Studio Express for free, as a limited-in-time
promotional offer, until November 6, 2006. Note that we are also
offering SQL Server 2005 Express Edition as a free download, and that
this offer is not limited to the same promotional pricing period as
Visual Studio Express.

On 1/18/06, Trandahl, Steve <strandahl at fastechis.com> wrote:
> This looks very interesting. Just be aware that the Express Editions are
> only free until November.
> Steve
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> Subject: [sword-devel] .Net/C# and Sword
> Yesterday I got sword compiling with Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition as
> a DLL. Using that DLL, I got SWIG to generate a C# wrapper for me. That
> C# wrapper was then compiled with Visual C# 2005 Express Edition. I then
> proved that I was able to query the list of installed modules and look
> up keys in them.
> BTW, the Express Editions are FREE visual studio products.
> I plan to rewrite biblestudy using C# very soon. This new version of
> BibleStudy will be windows specific, because linux does not yet have
> great support for the Windows.Forms package in .net, but using the C#
> library under linux (with Mono) is very much a possibility.
> I plan to make the DLL's available for download soon. If anyone wants to
> play with them sooner than soon, let me know. They are probably small
> enough to just send to the mailing list.
> -Jason
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