[sword-devel] Comparing Verses

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 18 04:59:22 MST 2006

Chris Little wrote:
> DM Smith wrote:
>> This should be easy to change, substituting, for example,
>>    <strike>  for [-
>>    </strike> for -]
>>    <strong> for {+
>>    </strong> for +}
>> to produce a fragment of html.
> Or... OSIS has the <transChange> tag, with types: 
> {'added'|'amplified'|'changed'|'deleted'|'moved'|'tenseChange'}
> It would be fairly simple to plug a filter like that into the filter 
> queue and do further OSIS rendering in a consistent way, across the 
> different markup languages (RTF, HTML, etc.).
I'm not familiar with Sword's filters. Can someone give a quick 
overview? When the Sword API reads text, does it filter it from its 
internal format (e.g. ThML, GBF) into a consistent one (e.g. OSIS)? or 
is it more than one? If so which? And then render that into the delivery 

I see lots of possibilities for this:
Simple comparator display in three columns, the outer two columns are 
the different translations, the middle one is the marked differences.
A module quality tool that compares two editions of the same bible and 
only lists the differences.

I think it would be good to have it be an api feature of Sword. What's 
the possibility of getting it into the Sword API? (I know we are all 
busy and I am not a C++ coder anymore. It's been too long.)

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