[sword-devel] Turkish module

vkaehne at doctors.org.uk vkaehne at doctors.org.uk
Mon Jan 16 16:04:39 MST 2006

>I'd always thought that OK - yes - that is what it does.  I suppose it
>might be a slight improvement if it put out a verse range - but it's
>never been an issue ass far as I am concerned.
I disagree. The BibleCS and Bibletime version of presenting things could create serious problems when dealing with Muslims - One of the constant features of Islamic attack against the truth of the gospel is the claim that the Bible is not complete. 

This might sound daft to you, but I would have real hesitation to show e.g. the Turkish module to a new Turkish believer - who would then be tempted to think  things have been cut. Logic may well be bypassed at such a moment. (This applies both to the previous problem of poor encoding and to the presentational problem of BibleCS and BibleTime.) Gnomesowrd's version of showing linked verses is just plain ugly - but not half as damaging.


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