[sword-devel] Turkish module

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Jan 15 21:47:57 MST 2006

vkaehne at doctors.org.uk wrote:
> Or rather gnomesword will make verses appear twic, while Bibletime will not show that there are two verses linked... Not sure what the Windows programme does here. 
> I suppose this is then something which needs to be dealt with at the application level.

This is correct. The syntax I identified is correct for OSIS and the 
importer interprets and stores it correctly. The presentation in 
BibleTime is probably acceptable, and I think BibleCS may do the same 
thing. It's also permissible to store the presentational form of the 
verse number in an n attribute of the verse element in OSIS (e.g. <verse 
osisID="Matt.1.1 Matt.1.2" n="1-2">).

> I have done this now for all "missing" verses and am happy to make it again available once the copyright situation is sorted.

We generally will not use OLB sourced texts or re-import our own texts 
when building a new module. In this case, there are other missing data 
from the old module (e.g. section headings & poetry/paragraph 
formatting). I'll use the online source, if we receive permission, to 
build a new OSIS document and Sword module.


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