[sword-devel] BibleCS Installer

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Tue Jan 10 13:48:40 MST 2006

Troy wrote:
> Or start with Lynn's work and hide all the additional functionality
> Thanks for volunteering your time-- and also to Lynn for doing so
work up to this point.


Glad to see you back mucho-active with sword-devel .... did some job
responsibilites become more manageable?

I'd like to release an updated LcdBible with a number of changes (see
below). My preference would be to avoid the issue of redundant
resources and just have its default installation path be:
C:\Program Files\CrossWire\The SWORD Project

(i.e., LcdBible.exe and its help files and other associated files
would be in subdirectory "The SWORD Project" along with sword.exe.)


That seems the most simple, but may be less than preferred/acceptable.
The nsis mui (modern user interface) installer could be prepared in
such a way that it would then be VERY similar between LcdBible and

LcdBible ver 1.31m ... differences from 1.22j (released May, 2004):

* Uses actual sword-api rather than "experimental plug-in subset" for
fetching verses and detecting Bible modules available in SWORD_PATH
environment variable or in the current directory tree

* Populates the OptionsDialog with English language Bibles found ...
compressed and plain-text

* ChangeLog for 1.30k: http://lcdbible.sourceforge.net/changelog.php

* 1.31m changes: visual formatting (Jesus' words in red, poetic line
breaks, paragraph grouping, italicized added words)

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