[sword-devel] Sword Project & Media Coverage

DC Parris evangelinux at matheteuo.org
Wed Jan 11 23:15:04 MST 2006

Please pardon my somewhat OT post.  I hope that any/all of the project leads 
and others will realize the benefit of my post.

Some may already know this, but a few months ago, I became an editor at 
LXer.com.  My 'beat' includes the faith community (especially the Christian 
community).  As always, I am interested in drawing as much attention as 
possible to our community.  Last year, I wrote one of my first free-lance 
articles, "GNU Believers" for NewsForge.  Now I'm writing regularly 
(practically full-time) for LXer.

I recently wrote up the release of Bible Desktop 1.0:

This actually convinced some folks to download/install Bible Desktop.  I don't 
know how many, though I assume the Bible Desktop team can determine whether  
there's been a surge in downloads.  I've also published a tutorial for 
installing BibleTime on SUSE Linux 10.0.  It's great publicity for your 
projects, something that developers should take advantage of.  I tried 
previously to start a website banner campaign that "advertises" the various 
projects.  You can browse through the Oakdale/Matheteuo website 
(matheteuo.org) to see what I did.  Now that I'm publishing news, I can take 
a bit of a different approach.

Please let me know when you are releasing new versions and major updates of 
Sword or the other projects.  While I lurk on several of the Sword lists, I 
am not always able to keep up.  Project leads will want to send me an e-mail 
(don at lxer.com).  If you are interested in writing a press release, or 
publishing a security alert, you may submit those using the "Publish it here" 
link on the front page, or here:


If you're not comfortable doing publicity yourself, just drop me a line.

LXer (www.LXer.com) is a fully independent news site established by Linux 
veteran Dave Whitinger in January 2004.  We have a daily audience of around 
15,000 readers and growing.  More people are turning to LXer for its 
readable, often updated news feed and comments. It has a very active 
community, which creates a mixture of internal and external news stories, 
editorials and tutorials covering a broad range of IT areas.

"Give the gift of Free software!"

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