[sword-devel] Tischendorf

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Jan 8 22:57:41 MST 2006

The purpose of the "Strong:" part is to encode the Beta coded 
transliteration of the word as it appears in Strong's Dictionary. (And 
"ANLEX:" is the version appearing in the Analytical Greek Lexicon or 
something like that.)

Should I do "betacode:" for the xlit values? Is that going to work in 
swordweb to have two different xlit values with the same workID? And 
does that make the two values less useful since it is no longer clear 
what their distinction is? Or should we simply drop one of the two 
transliterations as redundant?


Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Hey Chris,
>     I trust your OSIS encoding on the module.  Your proposed encoding 
> looks good, except I don't understand the "Strong:" part of:
> xlit="ANLEX:BI/BLOS Strong:BI/BLOS"
>     Here is a dump from examples/cmdline/lookup of my LXXM entry for 
> PsSol.18.1
> [scribe at www webmods]$ ~/src/sword/examples/cmdline/lookup LXXM /PsSol/18/1
> /PsSol/18/1:
> <title type="section" subtype="x-preverse"><w lemma="ψαλμός" 
> morph="packard:N2  NSM" xlit="betacode:YALMO\S">ψαλμὸς</w> 

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