[sword-devel] VerseKey from TreeKey (New Versification Support)

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Jan 8 18:15:24 MST 2006

	I'm not sure if there is any work in progress that anyone would like 
preserved-- I can only speak for what I've done.  Basically, VerseKey 
loads it's:

chapter counts,
verse counts per chapter,
book name,
book abbrevs

from static tables in canon.h

A Bible imported as a GenBook has a tree structure:



We'd like to have a VerseKey decendent which takes a TreeKey as a c-tor,
which it uses to read the tree to derive the data which the current 
VerseKey gets from canon.h.

The trouble will come in the details.

book name and abbrevs are i15d in LocaleMgr, which loads language
specific book names, etc, from /usr/share/sword/locales.d (or similar)

I would suggest that i15d book names and abbrevs are still retrieved
from localemgr, unless there is a [DataPath]/locales.d/ directory
present, and then this should be used.

We can extend our current Bible book name/abbrevs localizations to
include apocryphal books (not the book name array that the current
VerseKey steps through; rather, just the i18n of name and abbrev)

	Thanks for thinking about this.


Jonathon Blake wrote:
> Troy wrote:
>>We could really really really use some help on these items.
> Alternative Versification
> Where can I find what has already been done for alternative versification?
> [I want to look at what has been done, before I make any commitments.]
> xan
> jonathon
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