[sword-devel] To-dos

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 4 20:55:52 MST 2006

Hey Troy,

    I might be able to work on the BibleCS Installer. I have just put 
together one for JSword/BibleDesktop. From earlier e-mails it looks like 
thing are pretty much done. I would like to know what the remaining 
issues to be solved for the installation (i.e. What is the wish list and 
the must haves and what has been done so far.) I think that it would be 
good to satisfy all the must haves and as many of the wishes, but focus 
on getting the installer done.

    Also, I am curious to know what remains to be done with the NASB 

In His Service,

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:

> Just wanted to publish my living scratch-pad to-do list, while our 
> Wiki is down.  We could really really really use some help on these 
> items.
> http://crosswire.org/~scribe/todo/

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