[sword-devel] new project proposal

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Jan 2 14:20:52 MST 2006

	Thank you for considering working together in your effort for our Lord. 
  I, personally, have had a desire to build a translation software suite 
to facilitate a distributed Bible translation project.  We have 
immediate plans for a 'SWORD Community Editor (SCE)'-- a web-based tool 
to allow uploads of modules and community tagging, footnoting, etc.  My 
hope is that this will be a good breeding ground for tool which will 
facilitate the former.

	I'm hopeful to hear your ideas and am excited to work together with 
you.  Please feel free to use sword-devel to communicate with our 
community here, and if interest and traffic peak, we'd be happy to 
create a separate mailing list to meet the need.  If there are any 
services we might provide, please also let us know.  I hope you will 
find that the true valuable advantage of CrossWire is a _community_ of 
sincere engineers who desire to use their talent together for our Lord. 
  The technical services are offer are a very distant second.

	Looking forward to working together,
		-Troy A. Griffitts

Fabrizio Lanza wrote:
>  Hi Martin,
>     your project sounds really exciting. I am not the boss of crosswire,
>     but
>     currently I don't see why your project should not be acceptable. Why
>     do you
>     want to collaborate with crosswire? Do you want to base your software on
>     Sword?
> we will use some bibles of the Sword project, and our project is 
> targeted primarily to the biblic language. I think it could be a good 
> enhancement to the Sword project, since it will supply additional study 
> tools.
> Imagine you can open a chapter of the bible in Hebrew, and see word by 
> word every possible meaning and translation. You could catch all the 
> possible nuances, and it is known that many things in the bible can be 
> interpreted in different ways.
>  Kindest regards,
>  Fabrizio Lanza - ULC-ITALIA
>     Troy would have to speak the final word, and he is the one who can
>     give you a
>     SVN repository / webspace etc.
>     Martin
>     P.S. We use mysql a lot at work, for high-load applications, and it
>     works just
>     great.
>     Am Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2005 10:27 schrieb Fabrizio Lanza:
>      >  Hello,
>      > I'm starting a new project at sourceforge.net
>     <http://sourceforge.net>, titled "Biblic Translation
>      > Platform". We will be 4 developers. I would like to know if we
>     could make
>      > it part of the crosswire project.
>      >
>      > Some details about the Biblic Translation Platform (codename
>     "biblic").
>      > Platform: OS indipendent
>      > Programming langs: Perl, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP
>      > User interface: wxWidgets, web
>      > Database, MySQL, ODBC
>      > Description:
>      > Biblic Translation Platform (BTP) is a translation software with many
>      > utilities, which aid translating from Hebrew and Aramaic. It is
>      > specifically targeted to biblic and jewish mystical sources.
>      >
>      > Tools will include: conversion utilities for Hebrew and Aramaic
>     (addressing
>      > charset issues, etc.), database backup tools for right-to-left
>     languages,
>      > web Hebrew-English-Hebrew dictionary (later Hebrew-Italian-Hebrew
>     also),
>      > web Aramaic-English-Aramaic dictionary (later Aramaic-English-Aramaic
>      > also), realtime Hebrew translator (standalone and web), realtime
>     Aramaic
>      > translator (standalone and web), Hebrew bible translation memory
>     for CAT
>      > tools, misc tools for developers, etc.
>      >
>      > We believe that after the Brown-Driver-Briggs Lexicon, this
>     project will be
>      > the next great innovation in the biblic field. It will provide
>     invaluable
>      > tools both to scholars and translators.
>      > Putting online our dictionary (which currently is for modern
>     Hebrew), users
>      > will be able to enhance it, and slowly train it with biblic
>     Hebrew.  More
>      > people will use it, and more the realtime translator will become
>     effective.
>      >
>      >  Kindest regards,
>      >
>      >  Fabrizio Lanza - ULC-ITALIA
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