[sword-devel] new project proposal

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Mon Jan 2 03:37:29 MST 2006

Hello Fabrizio,

your project sounds really exciting. I am not the boss of crosswire, but 
currently I don't see why your project should not be acceptable. Why do you 
want to collaborate with crosswire? Do you want to base your software on 
Troy would have to speak the final word, and he is the one who can give you a 
SVN repository / webspace etc.


P.S. We use mysql a lot at work, for high-load applications, and it works just 

Am Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2005 10:27 schrieb Fabrizio Lanza:
>  Hello,
> I'm starting a new project at sourceforge.net, titled "Biblic Translation
> Platform". We will be 4 developers. I would like to know if we could make
> it part of the crosswire project.
> Some details about the Biblic Translation Platform (codename "biblic").
> Platform: OS indipendent
> Programming langs: Perl, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP
> User interface: wxWidgets, web
> Database, MySQL, ODBC
> Description:
> Biblic Translation Platform (BTP) is a translation software with many
> utilities, which aid translating from Hebrew and Aramaic. It is
> specifically targeted to biblic and jewish mystical sources.
> Tools will include: conversion utilities for Hebrew and Aramaic (addressing
> charset issues, etc.), database backup tools for right-to-left languages,
> web Hebrew-English-Hebrew dictionary (later Hebrew-Italian-Hebrew also),
> web Aramaic-English-Aramaic dictionary (later Aramaic-English-Aramaic
> also), realtime Hebrew translator (standalone and web), realtime Aramaic
> translator (standalone and web), Hebrew bible translation memory for CAT
> tools, misc tools for developers, etc.
> We believe that after the Brown-Driver-Briggs Lexicon, this project will be
> the next great innovation in the biblic field. It will provide invaluable
> tools both to scholars and translators.
> Putting online our dictionary (which currently is for modern Hebrew), users
> will be able to enhance it, and slowly train it with biblic Hebrew.  More
> people will use it, and more the realtime translator will become effective.
>  Kindest regards,
>  Fabrizio Lanza - ULC-ITALIA

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