[sword-devel] Help wanted: Unlocking a module in MacSword

Will Thimbleby will at thimbleby.net
Tue Feb 28 03:07:31 MST 2006

Hi Joachim,

Sorry for slow replies. I hope to have a version of MacSword out by  
the end of the week that supports entering cipher keys within  
MacSword. Which should make it obvious and easy to work. At the  
moment though the process will be much like you suggest. Except that  
in MacSword most users will keep each module in its own directory. So:

1 Open the folder "gerhof2002" inside your Modules folder
2 Inside that open the folder mods.d
3 Open the file "gerhof2002.conf" in any text editor
4 Change the line "CipherKey=" to read "CipherKey=#####" where #####  
is the cipher key you were provided with

But hopefully this will be unnecessary and MacSword will prompt the  
user for a key on opening the module. Is there a custom config key  
that provides a url for purchase?

- Will

On 27 Feb 2006, at 9:07, Joachim Ansorg wrote:

> Hi,
> I need some help by a MacSword user :)
> We're about to release a German locked module soon. Since it should  
> be made
> available in Mac OS X, as well, we need a way to unlock a module in  
> a simple
> way.
> Is there a MacSword user who's willing to post a short step by step  
> tutorial
> how to unlock a Sword module in Mac OS X to me?
> Basically it is to enter the unlock code after CipherKey= in a  
> module's config
> file.
> The steps will be put on the page of the module so all users know  
> how to
> unlock a module for Win, Mac and Linux.
> Help is appreciated,
> Joachim
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