[sword-devel] x-preverse

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri Feb 24 11:57:43 MST 2006

Martin Gruner wrote:
>> To be fair, a problematic issue is still Psalm titles.  They are
>> canonical and should be searched when the user does a search of the
>> Biblical text, but they should be displayed before any verse number the
>> application decides to show.
> In the KJV versification, yes. But not in the Tanach. Our German Bibles have 
> them as verse 1 as well.

They are canonical in the Tanakh, as Troy said. The issue isn't 
canonicity but versification. You can have canonical non-verses (and for 
that matter non-canonical verses) in OSIS using the canonical attribute.

Some translations make psalm titles verse 1, some translations include 
them along with verse 1, and some translations make them a title prior 
to verse 1.


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