[sword-devel] Title markup in OSIS module

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 23 22:14:50 MST 2006

Chris Little wrote:
> Chris Little wrote:
>> DM Smith wrote:
>>> However according to the OSIS manual, "section" is not an allowable 
>>> value for type on a title element.
>>> And subtype is not a valid attribute for any OSIS element. (It is 
>>> subType)
>> Talk to Troy about "subtype" and "x-preverse". The former is just 
>> wrong. The latter is a hack. It was fixed (from the module side) and 
>> then unfixed (probably to remain broken in perpetuity in all of these 
>> commercial texts) until some unknown future date.
> I should also mention that 'subtype="x-preverse"' is inserted by 
> osis2mod, not the document encoder himself. It's a proprietary 
> extension hack.
I understand the hack. There have been lots of posts concerning it. I 
have run across it before. The reason for the post is that I am trying 
to unwind the KJV2003 module to what it should have been. This reminder 
and the previous post really help.

What's the chance that the hack could be changed to produce valid OSIS? 
With xml being case sensitive subtype should be subType.
Also type="section" should be type="x-section", following the attribute 
extension mechanism.

My preference is for the "verse" that is returned from an OSIS module be 
something more like:
<title>A title</title>
<verse osisID="b.c.v" sID="x"/>A verse<verse eID="x"/>

Such that the cumulative appending of all the verses in a chapter would 
produce the content of the chapter exactly as given in the original.

I think as we get more non-trivial OSIS modules the content that stands 
between verses will become necessary to preserve.

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