[sword-devel] Title markup in OSIS module

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Feb 23 16:53:47 MST 2006

DM Smith wrote:
> What is the right way to encode a title for a "section"
> I am seeing encoding like:
> KJV2003: <title subtype="x-preverse" type="section">title text</title>
> NASB: <title subType="x-Section" subtype="x-preverse" type="section">

The correct way to markup a title in a section is simply:

<div type="section">

We got rid of most of the typing requirements for titles long ago since 
it was very, very redundant. Instead, when interpreting a <title>, you 
simply look to its parent to identify its type.

> And what does the SWORD API recognize?

I don't know of any differentiation that Sword makes among different 
title types.

> However according to the OSIS manual, "section" is not an allowable 
> value for type on a title element.
> And subtype is not a valid attribute for any OSIS element. (It is subType)

Talk to Troy about "subtype" and "x-preverse". The former is just wrong. 
The latter is a hack. It was fixed (from the module side) and then 
unfixed (probably to remain broken in perpetuity in all of these 
commercial texts) until some unknown future date.


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