[sword-devel] JSword and the new NET bible

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 22 16:45:08 MST 2006

Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi there ..........
> DM Smith wrote:
>> Well, I tried to join the forum so I could get the module and see in 
>> JSword (BibleDesktop) what you are talking about. However, I have 
>> been unable to finish the registration process.
> Sorry about this ...  you actually have to register on the forums 
> (fora?) and then apply to join the particular one that we're at.  
> After that, we have to approve you ....  it's almost as bad as church 
> ... which I have HUGE problems with!  Pleas try and register - we need 
> you .....
I did register, several hours ago, and it said to expect an email with 
instructions on how to activate the account. That was hours ago. I also 
emailed David Austin requesting help but have not received a response. 
Still waiting....

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