[sword-devel] volunteering for the sword reader (pocket-pc)

Jeff Needle jeff.needle at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 11:25:27 MST 2006

Thanks for the info!  Works very nicely.

Another question, if I may: BibleDesktop is correctly reading the 
Thompson's Chain Reference module, but it gives only the headers, and 
not the scripture references that accompany those headers.  Is there 
something I should be turning on in the preferences area?

Thanks again!

DM Smith wrote:
> Jeff,
> You can tell BibleDesktop to use them. But it should see them without 
> doing anything.
> On the Tools menu choose Options. Then pick "Sword Books" (in 
> BibleDesktop modules are called books).
> There you will find "Path Editor" where you would list places 
> BibleDesktop should look for modules. Pick the directory that contains 
> mods.d and modules. Typically on windows this would be C:\Program 
> Files\CrossWire\The SWORD Project. (While it is not clear from the page, 
> it should grab all modules at this path, without adding it to the list.) 
> You can add as many different directories containing modules as you like.
> The "Download Directory" contains the path to the location where you 
> want BibleDesktop to download modules. This can be set to the same path 
> as The SWORD Project for Windows, if you like. The important thing to 
> note, is that BibleDesktop will allow you to manage this area. You will 
> be able to add and delete modules in this location, but not the other 
> ones listed in "Path Editor".
> If you do set the Download Directory to the same as The SWORD Project 
> for Windows, then that program will be able to see, use and manage the 
> modules.
> However, if you uninstall The SWORD Project for Windows, it will delete 
> all the modules. So if you are sharing the modules between different 
> applications (e.g. LCDBible, BibleDesktop) copy/move mods.d and modules 
> to a safe location. (The next release will remedy this problem)
> In His Service,
>    DM
> Jeff Needle wrote:
>> I have Sword Project with various modules already downloaded.  Can I 
>> tell BibleDesktop to use those modules, or do I need to download them 
>> again?
>> Thanks!
>> DM Smith wrote:
>>> Elia,
>>> Have you looked at BibleDesktop (www.crosswire.org/bibledesktop) 
>>> which runs on Windows, Linux, Mac and many other places that Java 
>>> 1.4+ runs.
>>> BibleDesktop supports Hebrew modules and we'd love to get feedback on 
>>> how to improve it for right to left languages. (The user interface 
>>> has not been localized to any languages other than English)
>>> If you are interested you could probably port JSword (a Java version 
>>> of the Sword API) to PocketPC. And use that to develop a UI for the 
>>> PocketPC. I have found that good C++ programmers can read and write 
>>> Java easily.
>>> In His Service,
>>>    DM
>>> Elia Yehuda wrote:
>>>> Hello there,
>>>> Let me 1st thank you for a great product. I am using it both the 
>>>> linux version and on my pocketpc. I find the linux version to be the 
>>>> best bible software available, so keep up the great work.
>>>> however, the pocketpc version is a bit problematic - the hebrew (my 
>>>> language) is broken and verses longer than 1 line are not aligned - 
>>>> this forces me to use the english version, which disturbs me quite a 
>>>> bit.
>>>> I am not a pocketpc developer, but i do code in c/c++ so I thought 
>>>> to give it a try and maybe enhance the pocketpc version (which hasnt 
>>>> been updated since 2004). If I'll succeed - with God's blessings - I 
>>>> hope it will be a way to give others something back. If not - well, 
>>>> it will be a trial i wont regret.
>>>> I hope you can send me any relevant information and links for the 
>>>> sword pocketpc sources and maybe any tips on compiling them on my 
>>>> linux desktop.
>>>> Thanks again,
>>>> with Blessings,
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Jeffrey Needle
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