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The problem with the pronouns....   When you impose a divine  pronoun (either 
the "thee" or capitalization) you tell nothing about the  underlying text - 
only about the underlying faith of the translator(s).  It  is interesting that 
the NASB *did* at one time use the "divine thee" and, in  Psalm 110 forced the 
text when it  showed a Christian interpretation of  that Psalm by 
interpolating in the "Thee"  for a reference that we consider  messianic.  OTOH, the 
pronouns of the KJV are great (and I'm no  kjv-only-er) because they DO inform us 
of the plural/singular object (Isaiah 7  is a good example).
"The  Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our
enemies; probably  because generally they are the same people." GKC
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