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DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 14 21:41:27 MST 2006

Question on the "gold" standard for "jots and tittles". I am looking for 
a hard copy to be the final say on spelling, capitalization, punctuation 
and the like.

The module we have is titled as a 1769 version.

In cleaning up the module, we will be comparing the text against one or 
more etexts. If differences are found the "gold" standard will be consulted.

I can get my hand on a facsimile version of the 1611 translation from 
Hendrickson Publishers. It uses something that looks like an "f" for "s" 
and "I" for "J". These typographic representations are not present in 
recent publications of the KJV. See here for an image of Genesis 1, page 

I'm looking for a 1769 facsimile or a faithful representation of that 
edition, but I have not found one yet.

It appears that much of what is on the internet for the KJV has been 
derived from the text originally from Bible Foundations. (I have their 
original zip)

I also have a hard copy of the KJV published somewhere around 2000 by 

Comparing Genesis 1.2 (BF = Bible Foundation; HC = my recent hard copy; 
FAC = 1611 facsimile edition)
BF     And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon 
the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the 
HC    And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness *was* upon 
the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the 
FAC  And the earth was without forme, and voyd, and darkness *was* vpon 
the face of the deepe; and the Spirit of God mooved vpon the face of the 
(*was* means that "was" is italicized in the hard copy)

Notice the differences in punctuation, spelling and capitalization. I 
don't consider the variations in the word [was] to be any thing but a 
difference in typological convention as are my *asterisks*.

By the way, I'm not at all interested in raising a KJV-only debate.

Chris Little wrote:
> Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>>     OT: It personally frustrates me that the body of the text we use 
>> for the KJV OT has lowercased all personal pronouns for God.  Can we 
>> find a better text?  I'm fairly certain the KJV in most of its 
>> printed incarnations had these uppercase.
> Please don't change this. Pronouns referring to God in the KJV use 
> lowercase. They did in the 1611. They did in the 1769. Anything that 
> deviates from this is edited.
> The whole practice of capitalizing pronouns referring to God is a 
> stupid modern attempt at hyper-orthodoxy. Very simply put: pronouns 
> are never capitalized in modern English unless they come at the start 
> of a sentence or are title-cased. And the irony is that the same 
> people who would WANT to modify a text to capitalize such pronouns are 
> likely often also people who would decry similar modification of a 
> text to be gender neutral where source texts/other translations use 
> masculine.
> It's a silly, bad, evil, yucky, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad practice.
> --Chris
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