[sword-devel] Api: How to recognize consecutive verses

Joachim Ansorg nospam+sword-devel at joachim-ansorg.de
Mon Feb 13 14:05:25 MST 2006

I want to implement a bug fix in BibleTime where consecutive verses (e.g. the 
verses 2-4 are linked to verse 1) shouldn't be displayed as V1+text and V5 
after that, but as V1-4+text and V5 after that.

In BT I have a key (e.g. Gen 2:5) and need to know if that key is in a 
consecutive passage. In other words, I need to know if this key is linked to 
another verse. 
I also need to get the verse it links to.

Is there something other than SWModule::setSkipConsecutiveLinks() ? I think 
that's not sufficient for this task, but I may be wrong here.

How do I do that with the Sword api?

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