[sword-devel] Re:NET Bible (Josh Gould)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri Feb 10 11:17:00 MST 2006

David Austin wrote:
>  As a side issue for the group, I had hoped that Sword would have a 
> better capability than it does to display non biblial texts as I would 
> like to build a tool that can display Islamic and Buddhist scripture  
> the Quran and the hadiths in various languagers and a search tool that 
> lets you search a topic and do a  comparission of what the Islamic or 
> the Buddhist scriptures say about topic xyz. I think this would be very 
> helpful to those in the field ministering within these people groups..  
> But i am told that I have to look elsewhere for the tool to do this or i 
> have to write it from scratch.

Have you seen the Quran modules? I'll admit the display isn't that great 
in the Windows frontend, but there is the facility for browsing and 
searching. FWIW, we've got the only Arabic Quran text I've ever seen in 
Bible software. Other non-Biblical material shouldn't be any more 
difficult to incorporate.

Once we do multiple versification support, there's a possibility that 
such non-Biblical material could be presented to the user through an 
interface more similar to the Bible interface in the Windows frontend. 
(I think it may already be the same interface in BibleTime.) 
Technically, there's no reason it couldn't be now, but there may not be 
sufficient motivation to implement such features.


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