[sword-devel] Re: Daily Digest option? (Robin Randall)

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Fri Feb 10 00:12:40 MST 2006

Another option is to turn off having messages sent to you, and check the 
following link when you want to check messages:

To turn of message delivery, this is what has worked for me (may be 
other/better ways)
* On this page near the bottom, enter your email address and password:

* Find your email address and click on it to get to the page for your 
specific options

* About halfway down the page, there is an option for "Mail delivery", with 
choices of "Enabled", or "Disabled"
* Next is "Set Digest Mode", which you can set "Off"

HTH ....

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Dear EMailMaster,

I'm getting deluged with sword messages!  Sometimes 5 or 6 a day!  Can I 
sign up for a DAILY option so I only get one a day at most.  Thanks!

In His Grace,

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