[sword-devel] NET Bible

Josh Gould kc8eqa at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 23:42:18 MST 2006


Is there any one currently working on, or has any one worked on bringing the
NET Bible to the SWORD project? I know that on their website (www.bible.org)
they have released a version that is a module for e-Sword, which I've
gathered is not the same as The SWORD Project. I'd prefer to see the NET
Bible in The SWORD Project's lists because I can use it on both my Windows
based laptop and my Macintosh OS X based desktop (One of these days I may
completely make the switch to the Macintosh for both machines, but that's a
discussion for later...) I'm willing to start trying to get the module
created, however I've had trouble with the module creation tools under
Windows, and have not been able to figure out why. (That'll be a separate
post for later)

In His Service,

Joshua Gould

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