[sword-devel] Food for thought regarding OSIS and some of its alternatives...

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Feb 8 13:45:27 MST 2006

Kahunapule Michael Johnson wrote:
> First, please let me apologize. By the personal attacks in your message,
> you may have gotten the impression that I was attacking you personally
> instead of promoting the idea that OSIS is not appropriate to set forth
> as a standard format for use in Bible translation and Scripture file
> archiving. 

I didn't take it as a personal attack, but I did take it, by the manner 
in which it was delivered to sword-devel (really not an appropriate 
forum for discussing the merits of OSIS), as an offensive and abusive 
attack with a specific intent to stir controversy.

Your complaints boil down to basically two categories:

1) You want preservation of presentational forms of quotation marks. 
This was addressed at length already, yet manages to earn about half of 
the text of your complaints against OSIS. I'm sorry it's not codified in 
prose for you yet, but everyone at the last OSIS TC meeting was in 
agreement that it was already part of the standard (<q n="'">-type 

2) Miscellaneous misconceptions in addition to falsehoods intended to 
confuse and deceive your audience.

> There are apparently some web publishing problems, as
> well as a significant lag in time between OSIS committee decisions and
> implementation of those in the documentation. Please forgive me if you
> think it unfair that I judge OSIS based on what I can see of OSIS on the
> web.

I concede the OSIS site does not currently represent the state of OSIS 
especially well. Management of the site is currently in transition, I 
believe, and some of the recent available documentation is not yet 


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