[sword-devel] NET bible

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Feb 8 12:30:27 MST 2006

Barry Drake wrote:
> An alternative is to make the notes into a commentary module, 
> with the footnotes in the text neing represented by footnote numbers.  
> If this second alternative were considered, is it possible to link these 
> footnote numbers to the commentary window?  What I'm looking for is 
> linking that looks up tags in commentaries like scripture references 
> embedded in a commentary - as an example - <scripRef>John 1:3</scripRef> 
> in a ThML tagged commentary.
> Do we have provision for this in the filters?

I don't think I understand. Could you walk me through an example of the 
user's actions (if you don't find your answer below)?

BibleCS, at least, does know to interpret <scripRef> elements in ThML as 
scripture references. A mouseover will result in a popup of the text in 
the current active Bible. A click will change the current verse to the 
first verse in the reference.

But I'm not sure what that has to do with footnote numbers in the Bible 
text. If you're looking to click on a footnote number in the text of the 
NET bible and have it change the commentary module to the NET notes and 
change its verse to the verse containing the footnote marker (or even 
scroll to the specified footnote within the list of notes for a specific 
verse), then no, none of that is currently possible.


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