[sword-devel] Re: Food for thought regarding OSIS and some of its alternatives...

Sean Boisen sean.boisen at comcast.net
Tue Feb 7 18:54:14 MST 2006

I appreciate the problems with trying to use an inherently 
tree-structured notation like XML to mark overlapping regions. I'm not 
in touch with what the OSIS thinkers are thinking: other than the 
milestone approach, has anybody considered combining in-line markup 
identifying critical basic elements (probably words) with standoff 
indexed markup? As a concrete (and over-simplified) example:

<t id="1">Jesus</t>
<t id="2">said</t>
<t id="3">,</t>
<t id="4">"</t>
<t id="5">You<t>
<t id="6">have</t>
<t id="7">said</t>
<t id="8">so</t>
<t id="9">.</t>
<t id="10">"</t>

with red-letter spans indexed with start-end indices <woc start="5" 
end="9"/>. The standoff index markup doesn't need to nest, it just marks 


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