[sword-devel] Missing Method in LocaleMgr

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at yahoo.de
Mon Feb 6 01:07:56 MST 2006

Hi there.

I am working on MacSword in my spare time, getting in touch with it  
and then the plan is making a universal binary for the mac platform.
Well actually most of the work is done already.
There are however some issues that I am confronted with:

With using sword 1.5.8 it seems there no longer is a method  
"addLocale" in the LocaleMgr class.
It this correct? And has there been such a method in former versions  
of sword.
However MacSword is using this method. Can someone give me some hints  
how to substitute this method or is there a new way in adding locales?

Best regards,


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